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Members Section

Welcome to our esteemed members.

To access CPF reports, please click on the link below, you will be prompted on the next screen to input the password.

The reports are classified in terms of calendar years and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate folders in the next window.

Please Note : Every CPF report has a number which follows the scheme which is explained using the example below:

CPF 2.1-14-01 (B)  represents that this report belongs to 

Topic number 2.1 - was published in the year 2014 - it is the 1st report published that year, it is in (B), or text format.

NOTE: (A) = report in slide format; (B) = report in text format

Please click here to access all of CPF's Reports. 


Please contact Dr Taylan Altan (   or

Linda Anastasi ( in case of any difficulties.